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Blankets and BlastWrap

About Blankets and BlastWrap

Our blankets are manufactured using Aramid and Kevlar materials to ensure flexible packages that offer operators advanced quick deployment readiness for tactical and serious threat situations. Tested according to NIJ 0108.01, our blankets provide Level IIIA protection from handgun rounds as well as shrapnel and fragments from ballistics and IED’s. Our advanced ballistic blankets also include an optional upgrade to add our Patented Blastwrap© technology. Our patented BlastWrap® material has been designed to mitigate blasts and suppress flash fires resulting from explosions, regardless of the material or compound causing the explosion. We believe that this technology can be used to create new finished products or designed to retrofit existing products.

Our BlastGard® Technology extracts heat, decelerates both blast wind and shock waves, and quenches the hot gases in all blasts and fireballs. The basic product form can be used as a stand-alone material (as linings, curtain barriers, or as structural material), or can be laminated or otherwise affixed to a wide range of product forms such as insulation (thermal and acoustic), ballistic armor, or packaging materials. BlastWrap® products can thus provide blast and fire protection in flooring, wall, and roof constructions, in packaging, in storage cabinets and other containment structures, and aboard all types of vehicles, ships, and aircraft. BlastWrap® has been designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies and placed on the “Approved Products List for Homeland Security.”