Our CEO Mike Bundy had the honor to be on the Uncommon Line Podcast to talk about business, armor, leadership, family, and faith. The Uncommon Line is hosted by two active-duty law enforcement officers with a goal to create a podcast for the uncommon warrior, pursuing excellence at home and in the workplace. Their vision in starting the “The Uncommon Line Podcast” was to bring warriors striving to be uncommon in a common world to the forefront.



For years I have been doing business with and supporting HighCom Armor. I knew they were different just based on how they operate and run their business. But after getting to delve into Mike Bundy the person and leader I was even more taken back after this interview. A true leader lets his people be successful and lets his people shine. Mike is not about himself but about his people. He has surrounded himself with like-minded team members that know the importance of service before self. Mike knows the importance of his job and that is saving the lives of the ones putting on or using his products. This ethos is passed down from the top of the management team to the line guys fulfilling orders. We want to thank Mike for joining us on the show. It was an honor to highlight a friend that is an Uncommon Warrior in his field. From Faith, Family, and Country to the importance of the business, we cover it all in Episode #6 with Mike Bundy from Highcom Armor.

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