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AR1000 Spall Test 20 Mil + Spall Sleeve

American Body Armor Manufacturer

Guardian 3s11 Plate Test at NTS Ballistic Laboratory

Guardian STP Level IIIA VS Special Threat 9x19mm

STP Plate Test Vs Special Threat 9x19 mm

Guardian 3s9 vs .308 and 7.62x54r.

Defender Civilian Body Armor vs AR15 and AK47

Submachine Gun vs. Ballistic Helmet!

Wound Channel: Defender Civilian Armor vs 10mm

sootch00: Striker ACH Level IIIA Helmet Test

Guardian 3s9 Plate Test vs M855A1

Military Arms Channel: Bellfire B Ballistic Shield Test

Defender CAS Insert Bulletproof Test With AR15.COM

Guardian RSTP SA+ Plate vs M855a1 and M193

Guardian RSTP SA+ vs Steel Core Russian Rounds

Guardian 4SAS7 Plate Test