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Today is a special day: HighCom’s 20th Anniversary

From the beginning, HighCom had a goal of protecting lives from bullets and bombs using innovative technologies.  It is amazing to think about how far material science and armor technology has come since then, and we are proud of the role HighCom has played in this revolution. While being a U.S. manufacturer and distribution source for over a million pieces of armor throughout the world, we have been a strong partner for military and law enforcement since day one.

Today though, we are thinking more about HighCom’s future than its past. We believe armor systems will evolve faster in the next 10 years than ever before. We live in a robust technological world, and armor will become even more pervasive. We are nearing the point where technology and materials will become increasingly smart in design and performance to defeat the most complex threats in the world and the capability to cut and mold these materials, unlocking many new applications and enabling people even more in their conception of design and function.

Under our executive team’s leadership, HighCom is better positioned than ever to lead these advances. We have the resources and capabilities to advance and solve tough problems and are engaged in every facet of modern armor systems and have one of the deepest commitments to research in the industry. In my role as President, I enjoy time in product reviews and am deeply impressed by the vision and talent I see throughout our company and partnerships. The result is evident in products like the Guardian RSTP, 4s17, and 3s9 rifle armor platforms. As well as our new R.A.K. Rifle armor kits, these are just a few of the many innovations that are available today.

In the coming years, HighCom has the opportunity to reach even more law enforcement, military operators, and security personnel around the world. High quality protective products are still out of reach for many people, because they are expensive or they simply do not have access to a quality supplier. We will continue to focus on NIJ certified and Mil-Spec products that can be designed and produced for delivery at affordable prices to the majority of end users demanding the very best.  We look forward to continuing the education of customers in the value of an ISO & BA certified manufacturing facility from the United States exceeding performance and quality standards for the sole purpose of delivering the best products to the best people.

We have accomplished so much in our first 20 years, but what matters most now is what we do next. Thank you for helping make HighCom a great company today and for many years to come.


Stay Safe and God Bless,

Mike Bundy

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