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About Soft Armor

At HighCom we utilize the latest technology and advanced engineering to provide flexible and lightweight soft armor solutions. Our Trooper Soft Armor™ Panels start with the finest materials available and are manufactured at our plant in Columbus, Ohio. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible armor solutions with a focus on quality through material science and process control. Through partnerships with companies such as Honeywell, DSM, Dupont, and Kevlar, we are able to provide our customers with greater ballistic capabilities that are comfortable, low weight and flexible. Our soft armor panels are NIJ Certified, with several solutions tested against the most popular special threat bullets.

HighCom relies on testing performed at Oregon Ballistics Laboratory, Chesapeake Testing Laboratories, and H.P. White Laboratories which are all independent NVLAP accredited NIJ approved testing facilities. Although there is currently no certification program for these special threats, certain models are tested to the exact protocol and conditions required for certification. HighCom currently offers Level II, IIIA, and stab/spike soft armor panels. Our Trooper Soft Armor™ Panels are currently in use by federal and state governments around the world and can be combined with our concealable, tactical, and advanced carrier systems.