Factors to consider when buying body armor

Below is a product review by Fifty Shades of FDE

With so many options for rifle plates available, finding the right set for me took some time and research to fit my needs. I have been using body armor for many years as a Law Enforcement Officer. I mainly wear soft body armor on a daily basis for pistol caliber threats, however, the threat coming from rifles has been ever increasing with mass killers and criminals using them in attacks on innocents and law enforcement.

I ended up going with a set of the Highcom Guardian 4SAS7 Level IV Shooter’s Cut, Multi Curved Plates. They were shipped quickly and packaged well. The plates are heavy as expected and having them in the Shooter’s Cut helps cut weight down, and increases mobility with arm movement. The Multi-Curve is a great feature and a must have in any plate in my experience. The plates conform to your body instead of squeezing you like a sandwich. The Velocity Systems Scarab LT plate carrier is a great host for the plates and makes it as comfortable it can be with the weight of the armor system as a whole.

There were several factors that went into my final decision for rifle plates:


I am very selective on who and where my armor is coming from. It’s safety equipment and HighCom has been a proven provider of armor for agencies for many years and makes their armor here in the states. It is important to me and I am sure most will agree, having the confidence of knowing that the equipment that your life is dependent on was produced under the highest level of quality control. HighCom makes a large variety of armor products that includes both soft and hard armor. According to their customer service, have never had a failure, a penetration or a recall of their armor. There are a lot of companies that offer armor products and are not very transparent as to where their armor is made and their test results. Highcom has all of their information on their website and can answer whatever questions you may have about their products.

The 4sas7 is NIJ 0101.04 (2005IR) Certified and comes with a 5-year warranty. Their NIJ 0101.06 compliant certified hard armor has a 10-year warranty.


Everyone has a budget and mine wasn’t very high, therefore I had to stay within the ceramic plate range.


This goes hand in hand with the next factor. The more protection armor offers, the more it weighs. Level III armor may be light but it’s limited to the rounds you are protected from. Level IV has to be ceramic, but it will stop most rounds that may be a threat without worrying much about if the incoming rounds are Armor Piercing or not.


This was the least important factor among them all because my budget and desired protection level kept me with Ceramic plates. Ceramic plates are known to be heavy. With a well-made and designed plate carrier, the weight would be distributed well.

The Guardian 4SAS7 is the perfect armor solution that was in my price range and gives me full confidence with Level IV protection. If you’re in need of high-level armor and weight isn’t an issue for you. I highly recommend these plates for your armor system that will keep you safe and in the fight.

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