HighCom Armor's Inhouse Ballistic Lab

To ensure the effectiveness of our product we utilize a multiple angle approach. HighCom Armor’s Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2015 with a BA9000:2016 certification. The ISO 9001:2015 system helps to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations. It is the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard. The BA9000:2016 endorsement ensures that we validate our suppliers and in-house quality testing verifications. This is done through third-party laboratories and testing facilities throughout the United States that are ANAB/NVLAP accredited. We have a rather large toolbox to make sure we achieve the testing requirements and demands with an in-house ballistics’ lab, Quality Assurance lab and have partnered with some of the best third-party laboratories you can source in the United States. We believe the operator should never worry about the effectiveness of their armor but rather focus on their mission. Our purpose and core principle are defined by our mission to SAVE LIVES.


  • To deliver on the quality expectations of our end-users
  • Ensure the safety of our product 
  • The trust and confidence of our end-user 
  • To differentiate our product for our competitor’s product
  • Evaluating product design or improvement specifications

Images of HighCom Armor’s In-house Ballistics Laboratory


  • Our in-house ballistics’ lab in top-notch. It provides instant feedback on the performance and durability of the products, which allows us to speed up the supply chains to repaid deliveries to our end-users. Our QA department can have a ballistic batch-test performed the same day as the product is being produced. 
  • With the in-house ballistics’ lab this allows our engineers to test the functionalities and dependability of existing and new product that is offered to the market.  
  • HighCom Armor tests all products to industry standards, government publications, and regulations that are set-fourth by the overseeing bodies.
  • The in-house ballistics’ lab allows HighCom to design simulated real-world worst-case scenarios that the end-user might encounter while being deployed using our personal protective armor gear. 
  • We also use third-party laboratories to get validation of the verification results our team has recorded during in-house testing. The third-party labs are very crucial because they are viewed as a non-biased interpretation of the performance and durability of the products tested.

Clip from NTS ChesapeakeBallistic Lab of 3s11 armor tested in slow motion 


With the QMS ISO 9001:2015, BA9000:2016 in place HighCom Armor has specific process controls in place. This consist of a variety of steps:

  • Control
  • Plans
  • Process
  • Validation (in-house ballistics lab) – We use this process to accept incoming material lots. This also allows us to validate our current production samples to assure that it conforms to the specification.
  • Master Validation (Third-party lab) – Independent labs provide validation results for our teams’ comparison. We perform a multitude of tests through these labs,  one of the most prominent industry-recognized tests would be the NIJ 0101.06 Compliant testing program.
  • Measurement
  • Inspection (incoming, in-process, outgoing/final)

The variety of measurements, analyses and process controls have a great impact on manufacturing, especially during the validation and verification process. During this stage, HighCom Armor relies heavily on in-house and on third-party lab results, as this determines if the product conformed to the requirements. In most cases, HighCom Armor exceeds the given requirements rather by regulatory or end-user specifications. 


As a manufacturer of these products, we perform extensive research and development as well as ongoing production lot testing of materials and end products to guarantee performance. Testing is an essential part of both product design and manufacturing processes. Our testing phases start early on, at the development stage and continue through the manufacturing process to provide validation through the life cycle of the product. When we use third-party labs, we receive certified reports, applicable accreditation, specifications, standards, other testing methods that are critical backing product performance. 

By using ISO-certified Quality Management System HighCom Armor is able to ensure the performance of materials through many conditions and cycles of deployment. Our commitment to providing high-quality and high performing armor, as well as end-user satisfaction, is validated through our process controls, which is why we can offer one of the best industry warranties (up to 10-year warranties on our ballistic products).

From more information about our in-house ballistics laboratory and our armor please contact us!

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