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Heraclitus was never more right in these simple words and it is true that change is constant and can be seen around us in so many forms. Change can be a good or bad thing depending on the reason for or the outcome of the change. In our case, the changes underway at HighCom are exciting as we continue to look to the future and build on our successful past of body armor supply.

The biggest change in the start of 2018 is the retirement of our beloved CEO Michael Gordon. Michael is someone I consider a close friend and a brother. His mentorship and incredible dedication over the past seven years has been a blessing in so many ways to me and our entire organization. I learned my work ethic from my parents, but it is the people around us daily who help us continue to strive to be greater at who we are and what we do. Beyond my professional life, I pray I can be half the man, friend, brother, husband, and father that Michael Gordon is.

In 2011, the companies went through some drastic reorganization with the acquisition by BlastGard of HighCom Security and the subsequent partnership of Michael Gordon, Chad Wright, and I. From early 2011 as we embarked on rebuilding the mission and focus of this company and in our efforts to change the culture and strategy by which we would live and promote our business we have built something very special with a single vision of “Saving Lives”.

Today, HighCom is a leader in a number of product capabilities for hard rifle armor, ballistic helmets, and soft armor products, as well as quality initiatives like the ISO 9001:2015 and BA 9000:2016 that have allowed us to promote through our company of intelligent and capable leaders that regardless of their daily assignments, tasks, or projects, we have one mission; “To Save Lives”. I believe today more than ever before with the situation for law enforcement, first responders, and military personnel both domestically and abroad this has never been truer.

Next month we will celebrate 21 years in business. This is truly remarkable considering the challenges in small business operations, finances, and the technological advancements of the world around us. Most small businesses fail within the first five years; Only 1 out of 5 new businesses survive past their first year of operation (USA Today), 80% of entrepreneurs starting a business fail within the first 18 months (Forbes), Fewer than 50% of businesses survive more than 5 years (Fundivo). Celebrating 21 years in business is truly an accomplishment that our entire team is honored to be among a unique class of companies to achieve and we are grateful to our incredible customers around the world.

As I step into the CEO role for HighCom Armor today, I am determined to continue this vision and focus with the work ethic I share with my brothers in blood and heart. You can expect some great things in 2018 as we look to the future.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect in the coming months and year ahead:

  • Realignment of the HighCom distribution base and partnerships
  • Organizational structure and team alignment to improve distribution support for end users
  • ISO 9001:2015 and BA 9000:2016 program transition
  • Exciting new R&D activities in rifle armor, ballistics shields, and elsewhere
  • Overhaul and refresh of marketing materials and collateral support for our partners
  • Expansion with new models and key partnerships continuing to deliver cutting edge solutions
  • Expect some new hires coming onboard in expansion of our sales and marketing team
  • The development and launch of a fully integrated B2B web portal and resource center
  • Planned improvements in our operations information technology systems to better serve our growing demand and continue our focus of continual improvement.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of our partners and most importantly the men and women in uniform whether down the street or across the world where over one million pieces of HighCom Personal Protective Equipment is deployed down range. Your life matters to us and the success of our company is solely because of your commitment and dedication to the call of duty and service.

God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America,

Mike Bundy

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