Law enforcement officers fully kitted in body armor

Continuing our 24-year mission to save lives and to meet the increasingly lethal threats posed by high-velocity rifle rounds, HighCom Armor and XTEK are proud to introduce three new rifle special threat hard armor plates the Guardian™ series RSTP Gen 2, 3i10m, and NIJ Certified 3i7m ICW sa3920. “I am honored to be part of an incredible team of dedicated professionals to share in this great achievement across our integrated engineering and operations teams globally that have coordinated the effort from original design through commercialization and now production and delivery of these life-saving products,” said Mike Bundy, CEO of HighCom Armor. “These next-generation clandestine rifle armor plates will provide the ultra-lightweight, low visibility, and higher performance at affordable prices desperately needed by law enforcement and first responders throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico to meet not only the critical mission purpose while affording more departments easier access to these next-generation materials and technology.”


Where handgun threats were once the major threat against law enforcement just 40 years ago, law enforcement, special ops teams, and first responders are now up against the changing landscape of threats from AR-15, SKS, and AK-47 rifles and other semiautomatic rifles. Not only are these rounds capable of piercing stand-alone level II or IIIA soft armor, these bullets pierce walls, telephone poles, and can penetrate cars as well.


Law Enforcement is facing unprecedented threats in the field, where they are frequently outgunned by those who are armed with higher velocity armor penetrating bullets. These weapons pose a serious and deadly threat to our first responders, and it is becoming even more critical to wear higher level protective body armor routinely and for longer periods of time. Particularly for those deployed in urban areas where semiautomatic rifles are commonly used.


Unfortunately, protecting a life from these threats usually meant heavy and bulky armor, which was unsuitable for long-term wear. And if the armor is uncomfortable to wear, in less extreme situations while on the job, operators may be hesitant to wear it at all. Long-term wear of heavy armor can cause lower back pain, muscle fatigue, or chafing and blisters. It also can reduce the wearer’s tactical effectiveness or impair their marksmanship when the weight of the armor begins to take its toll on the body. Heavy body armor can also get incredibly uncomfortable for those who must stay sedentary for long periods. Essentially, high-level protective armor is difficult to wear for a few hours, let alone for the entirety of an eight-hour or longer shift.

And then there is the weight. Scientific research has shown, extra weight on the body can have negative effects on our health and wellness. Unnecessary weight is bad for the joints, back, knees, heart, the lungs. Yet, police officers, special forces teams, and soldiers can add up to 40 lbs. of extra weight on their bodies from the armor and gear they must wear in their line of work. This may not always have an immediate negative health impact, but over the years this can become a serious health issue for many of our front-line heroes.

Yet, routine use of appropriate threat level body armor does significantly reduce the likeliness of fatality from a ballistic bullet hit. It must be worn to save lives, and it must be worn regularly.


Getting life-saving protection from rifle hits doesn’t have to mean heavier armor. As a manufacturer for over 20 years, our ballistic body armor systems including plates, soft body armor insert panels, and vests are guided by these important principles: high performance, advanced technology, lightweight, and affordable armor solutions.

Our latest NIJ Standard 0101.06 tested clandestine series Guardian™ rifle armor plates bridge the gap between comfort, wearability, and price and protect against multi-hits of high-powered rifle special threats when worn in-conjunction with NIJ IIIA soft armor. Lighter and thinner, the Guardian™ clandestine series is more comfortable and easier to wear for longer periods and strong enough to provide ballistic protection against most high-velocity rifle rounds, such as those typically fired from AR-15, M4, and AK-47 rifles. For law enforcement and first responders, this means deploying with proper life-saving protection that can be routinely worn while on duty for longer periods of time with enhanced mobility.

NEW! Guardian RSTP Gen 2

The new Guardian™ RSTP Gen 2 armor plate provides superior stopping power against SIX, (yes six) rounds of Green Tip and is NIJ 0101.06 tested to level III+ rifle special threat and multi-hit capable when worn in conjunction with Level IIIA soft armor. RSTP Gen 2 thinness measures under an inch at 0.75” and weigh 0.2 lbs. lighter than other RSTP plates across all sizes and cuts.

NEW! Guardian 3i10m

Ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight, the new Guardian™ 3i10m is a top tier plate engineered and manufactured to provide level III+ and special threats protection when worn in-conjunction with level IIIa soft armor. Measuring under ½ inch thin at 0.47” and weighing no more than 1.9 lbs. in the M size multi-curve SAPI cut, these plates protect against 7.62mm FMJ M80, mild steel core, and 45mm M193 FMJ bullets when worn with ICW soft armor.




NEW! Guardian 3i7m ICW sa3920

NIJ 0101.06 Certified and designed specifically for the patrol officer, the Guardian™ 3i7m ICW sa3920 rifle plate is an excellent everyday wear armor solution that is comfortable and ultra-lightweight and stops level III+ rifle armor threats when worn in-conjunction with (ICW) sa3920 soft armor. Measuring only 0.87” thinness and weighing no more than 2.2 lbs. for the M size multi-curve SAPI cut, this plate stops Steel Jacketed M80, 39mm Mild Steel Core, and M193 rifle rounds when worn ICW soft armor.


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