Meet the team

HighCom Armor has an extraordinary group of experienced and talented management team stretching back to the founding days of the armor industry. The HighCom Armor team thrives in a culture of professional development, continuous improvement, risk mitigation and execution so that we may arrive at the highest quality solution for our customers – exceeding their expectations in quality, delivery, communication, and service. Team experience includes but is not limited to: Organizational Compliance, LEAN Manufacturing, Certified ITAR Compliance, Certified Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance Engineering, Berry Amendment Compliance, Certified Public Accountancy, Government Contract Compliance, and Finance and Business Degrees.


Michael Bundy

President & CEO

Mike Bundy is our President and Chief Executive Officer and has served in both Director and senior management roles for HighCom Armor since beginning his career with the company in 2006.

Chad Wright

VP Manufacturing & Distribution

Chad Wright oversees our manufacturing and distribution operations in Columbus Ohio as well as our research and development programs.

John Atkins

Director of Soft Armor Program Management, IT Lead

John Atkins oversees all soft armor program management including R&D, design, equipment, testing, production management, and quality engineering support.

Kelly Gordon

Marketing & Communications Director

Kelly Gordon oversees all aspects of company brand management, including digital marketing and graphic design where she is responsible for managing the website, branding, social media, public relations, content creation, campaign management, and sales support.

Salony Kothari

Compliance Program Manager

Salony Kothari ensures compliance for trade and regulatory operations, overseeing the ongoing control and improvement of trade, organizational, and regulatory compliance and support of financial and quality audit teams.

Jim Lambrecht

Director of Helmet & Shield Program Management, Facility Maintenance Lead

Jim Lambrecht oversees all helmet and shield program management including equipment, testing, production management, and quality engineering support.

Fresnel Jean-Francois

Logistics Manager, Quality System Lead

Fresnel Jean-Francois oversees all logistics related activities, including order management and production resource allocation with an emphasis on warehouse and distribution activities including quality engineering support.

Yong Pok Weaver

Soft Armor Production Manager

Yong Pok Weaver oversees all soft armor cut and sew operations management including design, materials management, layup, configuration, production management, and quality engineering support.

Jamie McCormick

LE Program Manager

Jamie McCormick oversees the growth and support of the distributor network for law enforcement sales.

Heather Garza

Sales Support Administrator

Heather Garza oversees all order entry and management, tracking, and customer support.

Devin Wood

Customer Success Specialist

Devin Wood maintains distributor related support for marketing, sales, and technical needs and related activities for our OEM and Dealer network throughout the world.