We are pleased to announce that HighCom Armor has been acquired by XTEK, a developer of defense and security technologies. As a leader in armor protective solutions, we pledge our continued commitment to supporting your success and delivering the tremendous benefits we expect from the combined strength of XTEK and HighCom. The future is extremely bright and we are excited to leap forward with our unified operating capabilities.

We intend to continue offering our stable series of protective systems while bringing together the engineering and intelligence of the next generation of advanced technological processing capabilities that we believe will revolutionize critical armor system design and performance. The integration work has begun with a key focus on enhancing current high-performance solutions as well as developing an exciting new series of protective products from your trusted American Manufacturing Company!


XTEK LTD is the market leader in high-quality security products to protect and sustain the Defence Forces, Police Forces and other Government Agencies. XTEK has key management and staff with distinguished military and police backgrounds and extensive experience in the Homeland Security sector; thus ensuring professional, reliable and expert service delivery to clients. XTEK offers a suite of products from a network of exclusive reseller partnerships and in-house developed technologies to address current and emerging needs in the defense and homeland security markets.


The XTclave™ is a composite curing and consolidation technology that was initially developed as a manufacturing process for ballistic protection laminates, specifically Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI). The XTclave cycles of ultra-high isostatic pressure (up to 300bar) at elevated temperatures (up to 180 degC) to achieve composite curing and/or consolidation in thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems.

XTEK’s XTclave composite technology makes it possible to manufacture lighter, stronger and stiffer composite articles including ballistic plates, helmets and more.

By combining HighCom Armor’s manufacturing team with the patented XtClave processing technology, we can create the most comprehensive line of rifle armor protective solutions on the market today. Think thinner, lighter, and higher performance from the latest materials supplied by our trusted partners including DSM, Dupont, Barrday, Teijin, Honeywell, and others.


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