Police and EMS Week 2018


Devin Reynolds

Did you know, there are about 790,000 police officers in the United States? National Police Week and National EMS Week are two weeks out of the year, in May, that are dedicated to honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving in our local communities all over the United States.  National Police Week was from Sunday, May 13th to Saturday, May 19th with May 15th being National Peace Officers Memorial Day. National EMS week was from May 20th to May 26th with both weeks being full of events within local communities in the United States.

In 1962 President John F. Kennedy proclaimed that May 15th was National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which May 15th fell was to be National Police Week. National Police Week has been created to honor and pay tribute to the local, state and federal police officers, who have died or been disabled in the line of duty. There are a number of memorials that local communities host to honor these men and women, including events every day of the week in Washington D.C. where men and women from around the United States stand side by side to honor fallen officers. 

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week brings together local communities all over the United States and medical personnel to honor the dedication of those who every day provide lifesaving services on America’s “Front Line”. EMS, also known as ambulance or paramedic services, are emergency services that can treat illnesses and injuries that require urgent medical response outside of the hospital and then transport to definitive healthcare. The 2018 theme for EMS week is “Stronger Together”. The purpose of EMS is to provide immediate medical care to people who most need it, which can include someone having a heart attack and car accidents that would lead to many more fatalities. The EMS exists to give everyone in our communities a better quality of life. Maryland hosts a number of events for National EMS week including the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride that pays tribute to the EMS and air medical men and women that have fallen. 

National Police Week and National EMS Week are two separate weeks out of the year that we get to honor the men and women who have risked their lives and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our local communities. At HighCom we are proud to partner with Law Enforcement and EMS agencies all over the world to ensure that we protect those who protect us. 


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