Testing and Evaluation Body Armor Program


Whether your agency is replacing existing armor or purchasing for a new requirement, HighCom Armor has established an enhanced Test and Evaluation (T&E) program to assist your agency in making an informed and educated decision. We understand that with the many choices available in the marketplace the armor procurement process can be difficult and very time-consuming. Therefore we strongly encourage agencies that have allocated funds for purchase to request a T&E of preferred products from multiple sources prior to committing to purchase. 

Not only can the T&E process help manage your expectations, but this also allows your agency to participate in a formal review and validation process to compare armor systems, designs, weights, look, fit, feel, and comfort against your actual requirements and specifications. It also is a tremendous opportunity to physically compare multiple sources of supply for these products. Utilizing the T&E Program at HighCom is a great tool to eliminate the risk of making a misinformed or regrettable purchase and provides the opportunity to deploy an armor system with actual end-users under realistic operational conditions.

Additionally, this first step in the process can go along way to showing the agency/end-user of the product the type of service, support, and communication they can expect from a potential supplier. Waiting for months or receiving the wrong items or incorrect sizes, colors, or configurations may be a peek into how the contract will be handled after award.


To request a T&E sample or samples simply filling out our online request form. When your agency has decided that a purchase will be made and/or if your agency is in the evaluation stage of comparing different armor solutions from various sources of supply you should use this online form to get started with HighCom Armor’s T&E program. It is also important to consider the intended use of the sample, whether it’s for ballistic testing, a wear test, sizing samples or specification comparison.

The only obligation required by your agency is that the T&E samples be returned after 30 days and simple feedback and evaluation form be provided to help us improve our processes and products where needed. 

As always, we welcome feedback following the completion of the T&E period. 



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